Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mobile Opportunity: A quick history of software platforms: How we got here, and where we're going

Mobile Opportunity: A quick history of software platforms: How we got here, and where we're going

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Prodigy - Girls ( Rex The Dog Remix)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Skrillex - Live @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sweet 16

Happy (belated) Birthday Google!
* My bad. I looked at the doodle a few days ago and spaced.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday, the 23rd of August, seniors of various ages here at Eskaton Lassen Manor loaded up onto an extended Lassen Rural Bus and headed for Eagle Lake. I went because I qualify.

The lake is nearly 20 miles from Susanville. Estimated time of travel, 35-40 minutes to our destination, depending on traffic. This was the last trip available for the summer via the local bus system. Our passage was paid for via a contribution from

With those seniors on now and mostly in their seats, I being the knucklehead I am, had tossed my bicycle up onto the bike carrier on the front of the bus, secured it down, and waited for my turn to jump on the bus joining the rest of my aging cohorts. Away we go.

Whoa! I can't handle the decibel level coming from within this closed vehicle. Too much racket coming from all the 'socializing'. So I take out my cell phone, and put in my ear-buds. Now I'm listening to a playlist from my account, and succeed in choosing my own decibels and blocking the others.. It's a case of left brain versus right brain. It's almost, ironically, a reversal of image, say, anywhere from 1st to 6th - 8th grade (or better) of children on a school bus raising hell. 

No matter, I'm hella gregarious but so had to withdraw in order to survive the trip up the winding Eagle Lake Road of switchbacks and grade changes. This roller coaster of a bus seems as if it has only one seat for us all. No thanks. Anyway I'm now in Techno-House-Dubstep mode all the way until we arrive at our first stop. The marina. 

And the arrival could not have come sooner.

Usually some folks have gotten off here at the marina to relieve themselves and stretch their legs, hang out and do whatever until the bus makes a return trip on the Saturday runs. Any way, I bail. Grab my bike. This is me heading toward the marina store for some semi-junk food. I'll need it for energy to ride back to home. That's right...I'm not staying on that roller coaster. I planned to ride home from the get-go. 

So I scarf some of that 'food' down and hydrate. You'd be surprised how much energy there is in categorical junk food simply for the sake of burning. 

Now resting both physically and mentally, I try to find that area of thought, to get zoned in so as to get up the grade back to Susan and her 'ville. I find that zone as I always do and soon I'm out of there. Wheels are rolling and lungs are doing their thing. My eyes scanning all over the place, as if I were a drone. Okay, mixing some simile, metaphor crap up and it didn't work. So what. You couldn't relate anyway. I would know you if that were the case. Just saying.

On the road minutes pass as my feet push the pedals; they push the crank; crank turns the derailleur, it switching here and there on the sprocket of gears as the grade of the road forever changes. More time passes. Then more. I'm grinding and feeling it. Feels good. I'm down, so like back-in-the-day down, on many of the road bikes I've partnered with. But this is right here, right now. And I'm on this ghetto bike. Partners are partners.

Oh snap, it is right now! Feels so good...but, I stop for a break. I've put some distance in between the lake and myself. But I can so see that the grade eventually gets steeper. 

Sitting in the shade now. I'm drying off while the sweat evaporates at the same time I throw back some water to hydrate. These few minutes pass as I take in the sound and the smell of this forest. I don't know it as well as I do: the Eldorado, Tahoe National Forest, Six Rivers, Plumas; Sierra, the Redwoods, the Kings Range; or there in the Marbles; or there back in Running Springs in the San Bernadino's with her. But at this moment the Lassen has a grip on me. It feels like home. Home is an environment of safety and tranquility...or is supposed to be. But nature happens. Okay, snap again! Out...of...this!

I've dried out. My legs are rested. My heart rate is good. And now there's a sound that helps break the state I'm in. The bus with all my neighbors aboard is burning its own fuel to get up and out of here. They spot me, I wave and they do too. See ya!

Rested and now back grinding away, time passes. I eventually come to see that from here on its going to be too much for me and my Schwinn ghetto. It's hella steep. There's many switchbacks ahead. There's way too much shade coming off the trees. I decide it's not a good idea to even try to roll up although I've this long sleeve, orange windbreaker on which helps the visibility for drivers coming up to spot me. But forget that. I've decided to put my walk on with the bike. Well, actually it was made for me. Safety first.

Walking unknown yards, taking breaks here and there, I'm now walking against traffic as safe as allowed. With my eyes scoping this and that, and my mind doing its thing, I have to switch back and forth against or with any perceived traffic. All the while pushing the bike with. That's a pain and I eventually take another break. I flip my machine upside down. I chill for awhile. Hmm, there's the lake. I think I'll take a photo. I do. And as I'm resting, I make some monkey-motions and grab some left-over junk power. Hands here; zip that up. Look in there. Push that over there. Okay, throw the pack over my back; grab the bike, shit and get. 

...sometime later, somewhere up the grade: 

I decide to take a picture of whatever the hell excited me so I stop everything I'm doing and look for the phone. SOB. I can't find it. Duh. Where did I lose it. I've no idea. But here's an idea I had to come to grips with. The physics of the crap that just happened. For every action there is a reaction. So this: I get it: I gained elevation, it cost me my cell phone. Hell with it.

I later see the summit of the ridge. Damn if that doesn't look like a paradise. 

So for all that work, I again now have the physics thing truly on my side. Rested and okay with losing my phone, it's all down hill from here. I'm just going to end this long winded diatribe with: I was smoking down that grade and was easily going 40-45 mph or more. Phuck if that wasn't fun. I was traversing and headed down the A1 toward Hwy 36 and home. I was so high on adrenaline and couldn't be happier, well, unless it was snow that I was carving and my bike was a snowboard. 


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